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Building Controls

Where Precision Begins

Need help with Building Controls and Building Automation Systems?

At IBS, the basic building block of our design/build, new construction, and retrofitting business is Controls.

And by that, we mean any control, from a light switch to a thermostat, to the most sophisticated digital HVAC controls and occupancy sensors.

These controls, and many others, are what we link and program into Energy Management Systems (EMS) and Building Management Systems (BMS). With additional controls, we can provide real-time and/or cumulative Energy Monitoring services, Lighting Control systems and Security services.


Building Automation Systems (BAS) once limited to climate control, now handle lighting, access control, and security.

Return on Investment

Building Automation Systems (BAS) minimize operating costs and maximizing return on investment.

New Construction

Building automation systems work best when they’re an integral part of new construction.

We Make it Easy

IBS can simplify New Construction with a process that begins with your needs in mind.


Adding the latest automation to landmark buildings is one of our specialties. We teach an old building some precise new tricks!


IBS can provide flawless retrofits and upgrades to your building’s system.


We supply a variety of quality product lines including Tridium, Johnson, Honeywell and many more.

Open Systems

Specializing in Direct Digital Controls (DDC) built on an open-source architecture using  Tridium Niagara.


Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Whether you’re building a new structure, or retrofitting an existing one, the complexity of today’s BAS demands a partner with a high level of expertise and precision. That’s where IBS comes in.

Our factory-trained technicians are certified on Niagara Tridium systems, as well as Honeywell and Johnson Control products. Our Project Managers are experienced engineers with comprehensive HVAC knowledge.

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New Construction

Building automation systems work best when they’re an integral part of new construction.

The cost of a BAS is extremely low relative to the overall construction cost. Benefits provide improved comfort, reduced building operation costs and energy savings.

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IBS can provide seamless retrofits and upgrades to your building’s system, including creating a complete Building Automation System (BAS) where none existed before.

We begin with a comprehensive survey of your building and its systems. We’re expert system integrators, so we can get the most out of any legacy part that isn’t actually worn out. When your survey is complete, we’ll provide you with a complete analysis, with your options, our recommendations, and cost projections.

Once you decide to proceed with the project, an experienced Project Manager will manage the installation team so that your system is properly engineered, programmed, and commissioned.

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