Ditka’s Oakbrook

It’s hard to enjoy the best steak in town if you are sweating like William ‘The Fridge’ Perry doing wind sprints. Tony Ficorilli, Managing Partner at Ditka’s Oakbrook restaurant, had a Test And Balance (TAB) survey done to make sure their HVAC system was working like an All Star.

Like many veteran systems, the equipment was generally working well, but had periodic issues. These were typically emergencies on particularly hot days and they seemed to be happening more frequently. And actually, this was part of the problem. HVAC service tech had been calling audibles in emergency situations for many years. They addressed the immediate issue with a band-aid solution but nobody came back to determine and resolve the root cause. The system wasn’t on Injured Reserve but these issues were building up and preventing the system from performing at its peak.


Dave Scanlan from Interactive Building Solutions tests the supply air

The TAB team was put into the game. They documented the current performance of the Air Handling Units and Chill Water System. In the process of doing this they discovered and corrected issues, changed settings back to their design specifications, re-tested and documented the new performance levels. They also made recommendations for equipment repairs and proposed next steps.

The Coach is cool and happy.


Happy Restaurant Manager Jackie LaManna

“I had HVAC techs coming in on service calls but they seemed to be chasing their tails. The TAB survey was the key to getting my system working like it was designed. It feels good to keep my customers comfortable and have my restaurant running the way it should” – Tony Ficorilli, Managing Partner, Ditka’s, Oakbrook.

Test and Balance survey performed by Interactive Building Solutions (IBS). Building Controls by IBS. The Mechanical contractor is VP Mechanical.