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Test & Balance

Measuring with Precision

Need help with Testing and Balancing?

It’s not just what we measure, it’s what we do with the measurements.

The key to success lies in interpreting the data and using it, along with an understanding of the building and the systems being tested, to make the building work.

Test and Balance is the process by which IBS optimizes air flows and chilled or heated water flows within a building. The objective is to meet specified standards for airflow, temperature, and humidity, as well as the less tangible standard of occupant comfort.

Air Balancing

  • Perform full performance and static pressure profile for all air conditioning equipment (AHU, FPB, VAV boxes). Actual performance compared with design specifications.
  • Configure airflow amount distributed from each air diffuser.
  • Measure total airflow on all A/C and exhaust systems.
  • Balance airflow on each supply and exhaust duct.
  • Room pressure cascade balancing.

Hydronic/Water Balancing

  • Perform full performance and water temperature gradient for all water system equipment (Pump, Chiller, Cooling Tower, Boiler & Heat Exchanger). Compare actual performance with design specifications.
  • Set up the amount of water flow that is distributed from each Balancing valve (AHU, FCU, and Cooling/Heating Coil & Heat Exchangers).
  • Balance water flow on all Pumps, Cooling Towers, Chillers, Boilers, and Air Handling Unit Coils.
  • Measure total water flow on all hot, chilled & domestic water.

Shell/Room Envelope Testing

Using a “blower door”, we pressurize the space to a specified range and are able to measure the amount of air leakage throughout the room/building.

As a result, we identify leakage problems, estimate infiltration rates, estimate efficiency losses, and certify construction integrity.

This testing is especially helpful for critical pressure areas, such as operating rooms, isolation rooms, and pharmacies. IBS will also work to determine reasons why a room may not hold its pressure and provide corrective actions to solve the problem.

Ultrasonic Flow Testing

Ultrasonic flow testing is a way to read and verify fluid flow without direct fluid contact. It is useful for systems with no other ways for flow measurement such as balancing valves or pressure ports.

IBS is capable of utilizing our ultrasonic flow meter for one-time readings, or data collection over a period of time. Our meters are also designed to withstand the elements, making it ideal for data collection in outdoor applications.


Commissioning typically covers balancing and adjusting air and water distribution in areas of the building served by an HVAC system, and verification and adjustment of heating and cooling loads to insure proper indoor environmental conditions are maintained.  Areas that do not meet the engineer’s design standards are referred to the appropriate party for correction.  Our reports document performance and compliance with design standards.

Testing, adjusting and balancing is also used in conjunction with retro-commissioning and re-commissioning buildings, or when an owner remodels an existing space to suit new tenants or a new office arrangement.

Survey & Troubleshooting

Many older buildings have systems, which no longer function as originally intended.

IBS can troubleshoot and provide performance testing and analysis on these systems to help owners with decisions of repair or replacement.

There are times when rebalancing alone will bring the building back to a comfortable range and improve efficiency. Our surveys will document the conditions with as-built diagrams, and record equipment data and operating conditions.

Medical Centers

Critical pressure, airflow, temperature and humidity criteria

Patient Rooms and Operating Suites


Universities and commercial facilities

Critical testing to ensure safety

Libraries & Museums

Conservation of valuable collections

Tight Temperature and Humidity Controls

Office & Retail

Keeping your tenants, customers and employees happy and productive

Comfort, dependability and energy savings


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