Professor Tokmakoff Laser Laboratory

University of Chicago – GCIS Building

IBS provided full mechanical Design Build services for the temperature controls and environmental conditions of the new laser laboratory space.

This included providing an initial vetting of the proposed space for the new laboratories, furnishing mechanical engineering for the ductwork and piping distribution, engineering of and selecting proper equipment (AHU’s, chillers, humidifiers) to serve the space, providing construction oversight, mechanical system installation labor and services, quality assurance and milestone testing throughout the duration of the construction portion, furnishing labor for testing and balancing for the air and hydronic system components and also furnishing labor for performing post-construction fine tuning and system optimization.


Project consisted of build out of existing space that was demolished to provide new laser laboratory suite. New suite included three (3) new Air Handling Units, three (3) separate isolated laser labs, stand-alone support rooms for research assistants, complete mechanical systems and stand-alone control systems. IBS was responsible for engineering, installing, optimizing and also peak season testing of the controls system.

IBS was required to adhere to the general contractor’s schedule and ensure project completion was met on time. The schedule was developed as a true fast track schedule and required all parties, including IBS, to expedite certain portions to guarantee project delivery was on time. Project included strict adherence to maintaining environmental stable conditions and required temperature stability of +/- .5 Degrees F and +/- 5% RH or better.


Researcher: Andrei Tokmakoff

IBS Role: Mechanical Design Build Prime Contractor

IBS Delivery: Design Build

Risk Ownership: IBS was At Risk (Negotiated)

GCIS Picture courtesy of Simon Lab